Mood Menu




– From 9 euros per person –


The Mood Menù are a combination of colors, flavors and aromas specially made by our chefs to create a “ritual of taste” dedicated to the precious moments of our life, even during breakfast or in the afternoon.

All the combinations of the Mood Menù reflect the philosophy of our cat bistrot, born as an intimate and welcoming place to eat well (and in a healthy way) and experience emotions in good company, calmly, relaxed and without haste.

Not everyone shares this approach, and it is understandable.

There are those who would like to have just a coffee, some a muffin and a glass of water, or sit without ordering anything just to keep company.

Although reluctantly, we cannot satisfy these requests because they would not be in line with our philosophy and with that of our guests.

Also, since the places at Romeow are limited, without the Mood Menù we should do as in those “hit and run” places where they kindly ask you to leave the table because there are other people waiting.

Someone complained that we are “too expensive”, perhaps because our Mood Menù start at 8 euros.

This figure, however, does not only concern the first choice ingredients, the carefully studied combinations of flavors and the quality of a 100% healthy and natural food …

This figure also includes the quality time shared with the people we love, the possibility of experiencing unforgettable emotions and special moments with them, the pleasure of pampering yourself surrounded by an intimate and relaxed atmosphere without anyone rushing you to accommodate the customer after you.

The magic ingredient of the Mood Menù is not in the first choice food and drinks, but in the quality time that we can share with the people we love, without haste, following our own rhythms.

For some, all this is not worth 8 euros.
For our guests, however, it is priceless.


Mood Classic sweet … 9€

Hot drink
Chocolate muffins
Cream, sprinkled with cocoa or cinnamon

Mood Salty classic … 9€

Cold drink
Spicy sweet and sour sauce

Mood CLASSIC Baby … 9€

Milk or milk & cocoa
Romeow pin
Cream, chopped hazelnuts or pistachios

Mood Spirit … 11€

Cocktail & co.
Creamy sweet
Variegated caramel cream

Mood My Pie … 11€

Tart or donut
Hot drink
Cream, chopped hazelnuts or pistachios

Mood Sweetie …  13€

Creamy sweet
Hot drink
Cream, chopped hazelnuts or pistachios

Mood Green sweet … 15€

Juice, smoothie or hot drink
creamy dessert and pancakes
Variegated caramel cream

Mood Green salty … 15€

Smoothie, juice, hot or cold drink
Mayonnaise or BBQ sauce

Mood +18 … 16€

Cocktail & co.
Chef’s dish
Mayonnaise or BBQ sauce

Mood Romeow … 16€

Unicorn milk or golden milk
Variegated caramel cream


✻ ✻ ✻



Coffee (fair trade, decaffeinated, American, shaken) / Romeow cappuccino (soy, hazelnut, oat, almond) / hot chocolate (classic, coconut, cinnamon, hazelnut) / hot tea


Mole-Cola / Coconut water / Kombucha / Lurisia (orangeade, chinotto, gassosa)


Milk (soy, hazelnut, oat, almond, coconut) / milk and cocoa


Apple, pineapple, beetroot and ginger / apple, pineapple, carrot and ginger / apple, pineapple and pomegranate / apple, pineapple and spirulina algae / apple, lemon and turmeric / orange, grapefruit and ginger / orange


Coconut milk, banana, cinnamon, caramel / almond milk, banana, berries / almond milk, maca, banana, cocoa / coconut milk, mango, vanilla / coconut milk, banana, cocoa / açai na tigela


Cocktail: caipirinha / caipiroska / mojito / negroni / moscow mule / spritz / gin tonic / gin lemon / vodka tonic / vodka lemon / wrong negroni
Liqueurs: bitter tonic / cinnamon / fennel / prickly pear / mandarin / licorice / gentian / ratafia / white grappa / barricaded grappa / passito
Glass of wine
Craft beer


Tiramisu / white cake / chocolate mousse cake / raw cake

PANCAKE (* morning only)


Spelled tart / chocolate and hazelnut donut


Rye bread, dried tomatoes, black olive cream, avocado and rocket